Greece Artist Residency

Skopelos Foundation for the Arts

In October 2022 I travelled to Skopelos, a beautiful Greek island in the western Aegean Sea to undertake an artist residency with the Skopelos Foundation of the Arts. The focus of my residency was to explore the phenomenological nature of being, in relation to place  and its connection to both held and emergent memories. 

The body of work that revealed itself during this experience was held by threads of present experiencing; shapes, colours, light and shadows. Sensory noticing and evocations of times past.

Each day started with creating a companion drawing – this would be my witness throughout the studio day…a grounding resonance, a holding space for what would emerge throughout creative process and experiential knowing.


light and shadow              climb to the top                     and you’ll see for yourself.


memories have shadows too,                                                                       like the words unsaid.


shapes of the landscape in me                                     feeling I’ve been here before because knowing isn’t all there is.